Refund Policy


For cancellation please contact us via email:

Welcome to RMG Station Game,a more popular, more enjoyable and more profitable platform which provides several online games and is fully owned and operated by a professional management team of AASANVISH TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED. RMG Station Game provides optimization and upgrade game versions, and it, including artistic design, numerical system and gameplay design, is especially designed for the young. Lots of professional dealers will accompany you to play the game, immersing you into the atmosphere in off-line casino. Players can experience the most realness in the game with more anthropomorphic interactions and more localized art style.


In cases of accidentally or erroneously credit cash to any parties, users or companies, you can request for a refund within two workings days of cancelling the transaction. RMG Station will process the refund if it is a genuine case of accidental or erroneous cash credits, which is clear from your request or after our own independent investigation. The refund amount will be credited within two weeks to the financial instrument/platform that was used to make the corresponding transaction.